Thursday, January 19, 2012

When The teacher doesn't feel good...

It happens this week is the week my allergies have gone crazy! To possibly go TMI with some readers my nose is running like a fountain! It happens a couple times of year and if I don't have some kind of Decongestant it's a miserable time. I don't have any decongestant on hand this week and have been too lazy/cheap to go get some.
So the teacher isn't feeling up to par this week so school has slacked. We completely skipped Monday (Public school had off and I got older the day before). Tuesday we had a full day I think we did enough to make me not feel so bad about not doing Monday. Wednesday we started off good with the calendar, but then I had my Weight Watchers meeting and we ended with doing a simple math sheet (addition problem practice) and reviewing Memory work at the dinner table. Today I felt bad for not having done too much this week and we completed Math, and a couple other things I think. Tomorrow we have CC which means we aren't home and do no work here.
This was a light week, I didn't have it in me to fight her. It also made me think, when I taught public school I would have been at school this week, and unless we had some crazy lesson that required me to do somersaults, all would have gone on as normal.
So why is home different? Because my bed is right there, and she is constantly asking to watch this or that on TV? Do I need to be more firm even when I am not feeling that great? She gets out of stuff when she isn't feeling well.
Is this going to skew her view of when to take a sick day? I learned that you only take a sick day when you have a fever or are throwing up or some other tragedy has happened. I never missed school, my mom was a school nurse, I just took my meds and kept on keeping on. What will her view of when to take a day off be formed by?

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