Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reorganizing... Again...

Is it me or do you have to reorganize every other week? I knew the first year would be allot of trial and error (hoping it will be less in future years). What I didn't know is the reorganizing how we do our day and how I keep all the stuff organized would be such a feat!
I started the year knowing we would move. In an effort to not have to reinvent the wheel when we moved I put everything on one shelf the same space I was sure we would have in the apartment. I was right, and so far that shelf has been it. I love it I have it mostly neat and organized (Joy has shelves too and I try not to be a fussbudget about those).
I have slowly added things on the wall. Our Spelling board for All about Spelling is a magnetic dry erase with the letters of the alphabet. She then expressed a desire for a big calendar, so I dug mine out and it's up, with the calendar came 4 sentence strips with the date, day of week, yesterday, and tomorrow. We have also put all our memory work on the wall as a visual reminder of our work each week.
This has all worked well for me, I am no longer on a quest to re-organize or make better the system which I now have, UNTIL my mom gave me a 10 drawer organizing cart! I have always adored these carts. I have wanted one since I was a teacher in a classroom. I have always been able to pass it up because I didn't have a NEED for this wonderful cute organizing thing. It has been one of those someday I will find a need for it and buy it items.
Then came my birthday last week and the family dinner where I opened up my very own rainbow colored 10 drawer cart!! Wait dread and happiness wash over me as I am confronted with the reality that our current space is small. Will I be able to use it now? Will it fit anywhere? Do I need to take up the floorspace for this? How will I use it?
The answer is still unclear. I have placed it in a reasonably unusable space that is next to where I sit for our schoolwork. I have filled most of the drawers with the next lessons materials in that subject. I hope this will eliminate the problem I have of getting up and down 100 times during each lesson to get one more thing from the shelf.
I had the idea that possibly it could eliminate the large (kinda ugly) current homeschool shelf. Then I realized the cart doesn't fit binders (just one more inch). I still have hopes of a possibly smaller and closeable shelf in place of the giant one with the addition of my new cart. We will see. What I know now is that the shelf is staying and I will use it now. What I don't know is what I can or will do with the new found space on the larger homeschool shelf.
How do you organize? How many times have you re-organized?

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