Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homeschooling vs life

We are officially back in school. The problem with homeschooling for me is life sometimes seems to get in the way. The bonus is I can make appointments and schedule things at convenient times. The problem is I tend to schedule things at easy to get appointment times not fully thinking through the rest of my schedule for when I schedule the appointment. Everything I do is flexible, I just need to learn when to let it be flexible and when to baton down and make schooling the important scheduled event.
We now have 3 things on our schedule which are priorities. First is our Classical Conversations meeting on Fridays, that is a no miss situation. Second is now her Gymnastics class on Monday mornings. Third is my Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday mornings. I do have a little flexibility in the meeting, but I like the Wednesday morning leader, and at the least that is my weigh in time even if I can't make the meeting at that time.
That means that two of our four days of HOME schooling we have outside appointments. Monday I think we will aim to get as much done before the class and not stress past that. Wednesdays, because the timing of my meeting is earlier morning I am working on how to manage. Before Christmas we would go to the meeting and have a light or half day of school. I don't want to do this since Monday is tending towards a light day. Yes, it's Kindergarten and I don't think it's necessary to have formal school every day every week, but I would like to average more than 2 classes a week. So how do you do it? What's your schedule like? For those of you whose kids go to school how do you balance school activities with outside activities?

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