Thursday, September 22, 2011

My job!

I just read a post from a sweet young lady who teaches me a thing or two every now and then. You can read Julia's latest wisdom here. She made me think. I NEVER refer to myself as a homemaker. Why is that? Honestly it's because I see myself more as a stay at home mom, than a homemaker. I stay home because of my daughter not because of my husband. Why is that? Shouldn't it also benefit him? He is making the money so that I can stay home. Why is it that if we didn't have our daughter I would still be a full time teacher in a school. God made me to be his helpmate and his partner first and a mother second. Shouldn't I adjust my job duties to reflect that?
Let me ramble here for a moment. I am one of those people who can't keep a plant alive. It doesn't ask for food, it's never underfoot and honestly if it doesn't look like it wants water I usually forget to give it any. The same thing can apply to my duties as a home maker. The laundry and dishes are things I can't ignore at least not very long. If I ignore laundry I run out of clothes. If I ignore the kitchen and the dishes we can't eat at home (which is sometimes the reason we don't). The bathroom, dusting, vacuuming and other cleaning things can be ignored because nothing happens if I don't do them. They do continue to get dirtier and eventually I notice and it gets done, but not really until it cries out at me. So I am not great at these things.
This is also true of my daughter vs. my husband. She (sometimes literally) cries out at me to get things done for her or with her. No she isn't asking to do her math, spelling and memory work, but that's all in my realm of want to with her. I want to homeschool her so to prove to myself (and others) that I am not a failure in that area I am eager to keep her learning in those areas. The fact that our school week has yet to have a full 4 days plus the one co-op day is another matter entirely.
Conclusion if it begs to be done I do it. If it doesn't I fail. What do you do to motivate yourself to do those things that don't beg to be done? How do you keep up with being a homemaker and a stay at home mom? Any suggestions on how to help me are welcome!
I want to be better! For God, for my Husband, for my daughter, and for me.

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