Thursday, September 1, 2011


I follow some blogs (okay allot of blogs) and the majority of them have multiple kids, homeschool, are Christian or are just funny. Some of my favorites are the 4 Moms, 35 kids posts. As it says their are 4 moms, and they each have large families. You could say I am jealous as I love kids, but I think also what applies to the multitude applies to me. Jesus did the sermon on the mount in front of many, but more importantly it applied to each one. He also was pretty good at the one on one relationships (as Jon Acuff pointed out in his blog today). Anyway where I was going with this is the 4 Moms today talked about patience, something it seems that they all can struggle with at times. Having more kids does not make you more patient! I can even say having only one kid does not make you more patient! First I will let you read their thoughts on patience...
Raising Olives has my favorite line of all the blogs today - “I’ve asked you to pick up your room three times already.” which means that I’ve already allowed three instances of disobedience. Wow! isn't that the truth it's not their fault I told them 3 times it's mine where was my follow through the first 3 times?
Smockity Frocks talks about the chaos, and while my one doesn't create much chaos (it's usually my own making!) Smockity reminds me that it's for God's Glory. " If I keep my eyes on eternity, I remember that my goal, to glorify God, is more important than an entire gallon of spilled milk."
Life in a Shoe First of all this blog always makes me smile! She redefines patience from the secular view to a Godly view. Taking it one day, one moment at a time is the way it should be! God didn't dish us a years worth of patience and expect us to patiently use it one bite at a time He dishes as needed!
The Common Room I have to admit I don't read this blog as often because it doesn't come in a full feed on my Google Blogger reader thing. I did pop over there today cause I am loving this topic, and without fail she has some good things to say also. It's the honesty that she (at least that is what I surmised) is the crazy one 5 minutes after she is supposed to have left the drive way that makes me smile. That and prayer is the answer. Isn't it the answer to everything?

Now for my two cents. Am I patient. NO! Where is it I fail, it actually comes from only having one. Shouldn't she be perfect? I pour hours into her each day and then she wants me to play dogs or baby or some other pointless game. I just spent hours with you can't I just do this one pointless thing that makes ME happy? Wait no I want to spend time with her, I need to be patient and eventually we will learn to love the same games and will enjoy playing together. I should be glad in the moment. The moments are fleeting. I should have the patience to spend the time with her when she wants me. Their may be a day she no longer does. So here is my prayer God give me the patience to play the games my daughter wants to play and let me not always have to be in charge.

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