Sunday, September 4, 2011


As promised from my first post here I wanted to let you in on our moving situation. The company my husband has worked for since 1995 was sold (not suddenly we knew they were looking for a buyer and had endured a 10% paycut for over a year). They were promised the whole time before the sale they would find a buyer who would keep the people who had already endured seeing over half the company laid off. Well I guess after over a year and a half of looking promises like that are minor in comparison to actually getting the company sold. So everyone was laid off. A few were hired back as consultants but eventually everyone has lost their jobs with the company.
My husband job hunted for 3.5 months and was blessed with his amazing, wonderful new job. The only problem the new job is an hour away. That's an hour straight driving no traffic. Did I mention we live in the 4th largest city in America and no traffic would be an amazing thing. So for 10+ hours a week my husband gets to be alone in his car, in traffic with a million other people. My daughter and I get to be at home waiting for him. The man who was home for 3.5 months, and before that worked 15 minutes away. We had lunch with him almost every day, we had dinner at what my friend inform me is old people time 5:30pm. We got to see him in the morning and wave goodbye as he headed off to work. Now I might turn over as he unlocks the door to the garage and leaves. My daughter complains for the whole hour of driving across town if we are going to see him or do other things over there. Dinner that's at 6:30pm at the earliest. Life is turned upside down.
So we are moving. We called a realtor put the house on the market and kept the place cleaner than it's been in the 5 years we have lived here. People came one every 2 weeks to look. Then nothing for 2-3 weeks so we dropped the price. People came again, we got an offer for about the same as we owe on our house. We won't pay closing costs out of pocket just can't happen. So one Sunday I turned around in church and asked a couple I know might possibly be interested if they were interested. They were!! We are selling the house to people we know!! They are leasing for a year or so to build up the deposit needed for purchase, but as far as I am concerned it's done! We will move by November 1st.
Now to find an apartment cheap enough to pay off debt and truly Dave Ramsey our life, but not scare us so we can't go out at night.

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  1. Yay! Love how God has a plan for you. So glad you'll be up here soon!!