Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Slow to post...

Sorry, not really good at sitting at the computer and writing. In my head I wrote 4-5 different posts in the time that I have written nothing here. Unfortunately I am not great at remembering great ideas for more than 20 minutes so those posts are gone. What I can say is this....
My daughter is now 5. In Texas that means she would have to wait another 337 days give or take a few for the actual school start date to start school. In our homeschooling life this means she is reading fluently Bob book set 3. She is also working on the basics of addition in Math. In spelling we are flying through our spelling curriculum and finishing up the lessons on the short vowels next comes hopefully something that will slow us down I wasn't planning on buying the second spelling curriculum til at least after Christmas! We just re-started on handwriting with the Handwriting without tears Kindergarten book.
If that isn't enough I think we have settled on a November 15th date for the exchange of possession of the house!! That means I have a little more time to get things organized or go insane whichever way you see that.
This past weekend was the big celebration of the birthday. We got a huge bounce house with princesses on it and a slide in it. We ordered pizza and I made cupcakes for the celebration. The best friend got pink eye and was unable to attend, but otherwise the party was perfect! She had a great time we played some classic games princessed up a little.
First was what's in the bag? We have a set of pink paisley t-shirt sheets that came in a great little baggie that my daughter (like many other non toys) has attached herself to. So I decided that is the perfect bag to play this game with. The best part is it has a drawstring and since it's t-shirt material they didn't stick their hand (and eyes) in the bag I just held it by the drawstring and let them guess. Boys were a little clueless except for the one with a younger sister, he knew what was going on!
Next was a classic Hot Tiara! You know the game where you pass around a tiara and sing "Hot Tiara Hot tiara who has the hot tiara if you have the hot tiara you are out." The boys who were clueless on the previous game had this one down! What boy wants to hold onto a tiara that long anyway?
Last was not that great at least not for an unprepared 5 year old. We attempted Princess, May I. She wasn't sure on what instructions to give and they weren't great at taking small steps it was all large steps! Oh well we can try again next year?

All in all the birthday was a success we have another Precious Moment to add to our 5 year collection and we have another Mickey picture to add to our 5 year collection. Now to see what else this year will hold!

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