Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have I mentioned I am not great at blogging. I have attempted this before and like many things that aren't pulling on my shirt to get fed or telling me every 5 minutes they are bored it falls by the wayside and I forget then I am embarrassed to start again. Just like in High school when we went to baseball games I was too embarrassed to ask how to read the scoreboard. Is it me or are baseball scoreboards kinda crazy? I mean really just tell me how many times the little men have run around the bases and made it home without being tagged out. That's a whole other post my lack of sports knowledge.
This post is well, I am unsure what this post is. It's a I am not done with this blog yet post. It's an update that I am still alive and homeschooling. It's a don't give up on me yet blog.
This is what has been happening. My daughter and I are happily trucking along and keeping up with our Classical Conversations memory work. She reads 2-3 books/stories a day either from the All about Reading curriculum, our Bob books or a book I had from when I taught school. We also have finally gotten through the whole alphabet uppercase in our Handwriting without Tears and will finish the numbers soon, then it's on to new learning of the lowercase letters. We also are moving along with our Saxon Math I think my goal is to finish with the first book before Christmas and when that is done it will signal our Christmas break. That is unless we are unable to do that, but I am being optimistic. I think we have 30 lessons left in first workbook. We average 4 lessons a week and we have nine weeks. That should give us enough time, but who knows with our move looming over us. We are also moving forward with our All About Spelling. I think we have finally hit something that we might stick around and work on for awhile. We are working on c/k at the beginning of the word and makes the /k/ sound. Did you know c says /s/ when in front of e, i, or y? Gold star if you did! I didn't I even have to think about it when I see/hear words that begin with the /k/ sound. I did tell you I am homeschooling my daughter so I can learn right? Well it's definitely in the top 10 of reasons.
Did I mention our move is now looming? We picked out our apartment on Monday and signed the papers to get approved, then they had problems approving us, something about my birthday being in 1986? I don't know, but they looked up Rob and we now have a red carpet because they saw a paycheck stub. We are going to be saving money while living in the apartment to buy our house Dave Ramsey style. I would love to pay cash, but we are aiming for 10% down and a 15 year mortgage. Then when we are done with baby step 2-3 we can work on that house pay down and be done with the mortgage about the time Joy goes to college. Sounds like a plan to me!
So if you are still reading congratulations. If not well why write to you since you are no longer reading. So in conclusion I stink at blog writing, but I am trying; I am still loving teaching myself, I mean my daughter in homeschool and the move is looming. Thank you and goodnight.

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